5ireChain Fam NFTs: Community Incentive Portal

5 min readDec 23, 2023

5ireChain partners up with Mercle to leverage the reputation and token distribution infrastructure to establish an on-chain community of supporters. As part of this, all 5ire users can create their own unique and dynamic 5ire Fam NFT. These NFTs, which are standard ERC721 tokens with added proof of work attestations, will act as evidence of each user’s contributions and involvement in the 5ireChain ecosystem.

To reward its users, the initiative offers:

  1. Existing Users: Those who have previously participated in activities like Zealy, Discord, #GoGreenWith5ire NFTs, and Discord airdrop role, will receive a portion of $100K in $5IRE tokens.
  2. New Users: By becoming active in the community and contributing to the ecosystem, new users can make themselves eligible for future airdrop rewards.

Keep reading to learn more about 5ire Fam NFTs, examine what it means to own one, and guide how to claim yours.

5ire Fam NFTs

In a community, everyone contributes differently, so there’s a need for a system that shows each person’s unique input. This NFT collection has two main purposes: it acknowledges the hard work of our members and records each person’s specific contributions. You keep these NFTs in your wallet, and they serve as proof of what you’ve done. 5ireChain will use them to give rewards to the community for their efforts.

These NFTs are tightly linked to the core of the Mercle Network. Every attestation you gather is checked by a Mercle node and stored on the IPFS, making it decentralized and accessible to everyone. Each thing you do helps build your reputation profile in the 5ire chain community

How To Claim Your Fam NFT?

Acquiring your 5ire identity is crafted to be easily accessible and straightforward. To secure your identity NFT, simply follow these uncomplicated steps:

  • Connect your wallet to the Mercle app.
  • Link your email through a one-time password (OTP) check on Mercle.
  • Designate a name for your identity NFT.
  • Click “mint” — and there you have it.

Now, you possess your unique identity NFT within the 5ireChain ecosystem. Thanks to the support from the Gelato Network, we are delighted to announce that the minting process for these identity NFTs will be gasless, eliminating entry barriers for all members.

The Mercle-Rewards Dapp

Claimable Tokens Section.

The Mercle campaign page for 5ire includes a special section where you can see your $5IRE token rewards. Right now, you can only check the tokens you’ve earned from past 5ire campaigns like Zealy, #GoGreenWith5ire, and the Discord Airdrop Role. To see your available token airdrop, use the EVM wallet you used for past contributions on Zealy and mint your 5ire FAM NFT. After you’ve minted it, you’ll be able to see the tokens you can claim.


  1. The section where you can claim tokens doesn’t show how many tokens you’ve earned from doing tasks on Mercle. We’ll announce the rewards for those tasks later, so keep an eye out for updates!
  2. If your dashboard shows 0 5IRE, it either means you’re using the wrong wallet, or you haven’t earned any 5IRE tokens in your account’s history.
  3. All tokens will be available to claim after 4th Feb 2024.

Levels in the 5ire Campaign.

The 5ireChain campaign on Mercle is divided into certain levels, each with its tasks. This breakdown of level is based on the difficulty and category.

  • With the current Level 1 serving as an onboarding stage for new users to 5ire and Mercle. In this level, the XP rewards range from 50–150XP.
  • Level 2 is more about educating users about 5ireChain through blogs and quizzes.

Understanding certain tasks.

“Listen to an AMA on discord” task — We suggest that you do not disconnect your discord account from your wallet address. For this task you need to join the 5ireChain discord server and listen to the AMA for at least 25 mins. The date & time can be seen under the task details section.

“Take a 5ire Quiz” task — To complete a quiz task you need to answer all questions correctly. Don’t worry you get 3 tries to improve your mistakes and win the XP reward.

“Tweet with a #5irecommunity” task — Make sure you add the mentioned hashtags in the description to complete the task.

Why Should You Claim Yours?

Amalgamation Of Previous Airdrop Winners Into Mercle NFTs

Participants of past 5ireChain activities will all be clubbed under the 5ire Fam NFTs. The NFTs hold your token airdrop from the following activities (if you’re eligible). These tokens will be available after the cliff period, i.e. 4th February 2024. The winning wallets are picked from these activities -

  • Zealy participants
  • #GoGreenWith5ire Campaign
  • Discord “airdrop-eligible” role holders.

$100K Worth $5IRE Incentive Pool For Mercle NFT Holders

Moving forward, 5ireChain will directly utilize these identity NFTs to identify and reward users, relying on their contribution history. For more details on the recently announced $100K Airdrop by 5ireChain exclusive for 5ire Fam NFT holders, read here.

Counting Your Contributions In A Better Way

At Mercle we’ll be tracking a very broad range of your contributions.

  • On-chain transactions on testnet
  • Mainnet participation
  • Holding 5ireChain Industrial Revolution NFTs
  • Being a nominator/validator etc.

About 5ireChain

5ireChain operates as a layer-1 EVM-compatible smart contract platform, concentrating on establishing a blockchain ecosystem aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The primary goal of the platform is to instill sustainability into the architecture of the consensus mechanism.

The platform introduces SPoS, a multifactor consensus protocol where a node’s weights are determined by factors such as a stake, reliability, randomized voting, sustainability score (comprising environmental, social, and governance aspects), and past nominations. This presents an alternative to conventional proof of stake (PoS) and proof of work (PoW) consensus mechanisms.

About Mercle

Mercle, a platform centered around decentralized identity and reward management, is on a mission to restructure data ownership. Its infrastructure empowers users to control access to their identity data, fostering an atmosphere of privacy and security within the digital ecosystem. Mercle’s strategy is focused on redefining how identities unlock utilities for network states, marking a significant shift in the contemporary digital landscape.

If you’ve made it this far, we’ve got some insider info for you. Your contributions to 5ire will also be recognized when it comes to future token rewards from the Mercle Network.
— Mercle Intern (Serial Alpha Leaker)

Report Issues

Our team at Mercle will be more than happy to address your issues on the platform. To get support on any issue, you’ll have to create a ticket on our Discord server. A channel named #support-tickets has been specially set up for your support.

Create a ticket with the details about your issue and our team will reach out to you within 24 hours. If you are still facing issues, free to mail us at support@mercle.xyz.